Frequently Asked Questions


How can I make a reservation?

The reservation should be made either by phone (+381 65 44 88 123) or by an .

Do I need to send a deposit?

No. It's not necessary to pay anything for guarantee. Payment is in cash upon arrival, when you move to the apartment.

What are the minimum and maximum duration of stay?

The minimum is three nights, but we are happy to consider requests for shorter bookings where availability permits. There is no maximum limit.

Where will I receive the keys?

The keys will be handed to you on arrival by the owner or by our representative.

Who will meet me upon my arrival? Do I have to go directly to the apartment?

Upon your arrival, you will meet a member of our staff or the owner at the apartment. This will be your contact person during your stay in Belgrade. We will, of course assist you with any information that you might need during your stay in Belgrade.

When will I receive directions on how to reach the apartment?

After we confirm your booking request, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to reach the apartment and also with the telephone numbers of the person who will meet you on arrival.

Why do you need our travel details?

As someone will have to go to the apartment to meet you there, we will need to have full travel details for you. Please be sure to include your flight numbers (if you are coming by plane) and the exact arrival time in Belgrade. This way, we can track the flight via internet and see if you are late. It is still considerate, if late, that you call us to let us know as soon as possible. That will ensure that you have a pleasant and smooth check-in to the apartment.

How do we get to the apartment from the airport?

Usually, our clients are giving us a call from the airport and then we both have around 40 minutes to the apartment. The best way to come to the apartment is to order a taxi at the airport information office. Even, if your mobile doesn't work here, you can ask a taxi driver for a favour to call me shortly and you can give him some tip for that.

Are your Belgrade apartments furnished?

Yes. All our short term rent apartments are fully furnished.

Are the apartments heated?

Yes. All our short term rent apartments are heated.

Can I cook in kitchen?

Yes. You can. Kitchens are fully equipped with cooking utensils.

Can I make a party in the apartment?

No. You can’t. Just normal behavior is acceptable.

Are your Belgrade apartments all centrally located and near public transportation?

Yes. They are all located in central, near tourist attractions, bohemian zone, pedestrian zone, Old fortress…

For the rental period, what are the days of arrival and departure?

Any day of the week. There are no fixed days of arrival and departure.

After having confirmed my reservation, would it be possible to change my dates of arrival and departure?

Yes. If the selected apartment is not available for your new dates, you will need to select other apartments until you find a suitable one for you without any charge. However, description and price of the new apartment might be different.

Do you arrange the transfer from the airport to the accommodation?

Very rare, just in case that you insist, because our transfer is more expensive than regular taxi ride.

When am I expected to arrive?

You can arrive any time, but if you arrive between midnight and 7 am we will charge you 30 Euro extra.

Who should I contact in case of delay?

Phone numbers for your contact person will be provided to you, after confirmation of your booking request.

What does the price include?

The given price includes electricity and heating expenses, water, bedroom and bathroom linen, internet fees.

What is the damage deposit? How do I have to pay it?

The damage deposit is a cautionary deposit to cover any damages caused during your stay. By accepting one of our rentals, the renter agrees that should any damage exceed the amount of the security deposit, they will pay the difference.

If the apartment require more than the normal amount of cleaning after your stay, we also reserve the right to retain part of the deposit to cover the additional cost of cleaning.

We would like to keep the amount of this deposit low so we ask all our guests to please respect the apartments as they would want a guest in their home to do and to let us know as soon as possible, about any breakage or damage.

The amount of this deposit varies according to the apartment, usually damage deposit is 200 Euro.

At check-in time, you must be able to submit the deposit to your contact person (in cash) who will immediately return it to you when you check-out as long as there is no damage done in the apartment.

Who is cleaning the apartments?

Our apartments are always cleaned by the owner or by a professional cleaning service before arrival of the customer. During your stay in the apartment there is no cleaning service, unless you want an optional extra cleaning service (it costs 20 Euro for 3 hours).

Is linen supplied?

Yes, towels and sheets are supplied in all apartments.

How far in advance can we reserve?

You can reserve the apartments up to a year in advance. Just let us know what dates you are interested in and we'll see what we can do.

Behaviour rules

You will be liable for the correct and decent behaviour of all the persons accompanying you, according to the house rules listed bellow. If you or any of the person accompanying you not behave in a suitable and responsible way, the Owner shall be entitled to request you to leave the apartment without the right for the later to claim any type of compensation.

House rules

Please respect your neighbours: they are normal working people who need to get up early and go to work every day. Therefore, please limit your noise level in the stairwells as well as in the apartment, especially between 2 pm and 5 pm, and between 11 pm and 7 am.

In case of complaints from the neighbours due to excessive noise or an annoying behaviour from your side (or any people of the group), the owner has the right to make you leave the apartment immediately, without any refund of the amount already paid for the reservation, and the security deposit will be kept by the owner.

Energy savings.

Help saving energy: if you leave the apartment for a while, please make sure that all lights are turned off as well as the air-conditioning and heating put at minimum or switched off.


What is the accepted security deposit when moving into an apartment?

One to two months' rent.

Are there any additional costs beside monthly rent for apartment?

Yes, you have to pay electricity, gas, heating, water, cable TV, telephone, garbage disposal and internet fees.

Agency commission is 50% of the first monthly rate.

What kind of equipment and furniture should the owner provide?

The owner has no obligation to provide the tenant with furniture and or any of the appliances needed in the apartment. However it is common that the owner provide the apartment furnished and equipped with all the appliances such as refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc’.

What happen if I want to move out of the apartment before the end of the contract?

Usually in the contract there should be a possibility to terminate the rent with a 60 days notice without paying any penalty.

Can I sublease the apartment?

Most of the owners will not approve you to sublease, in any case it should be mentioned in the contract that you have the right to sublease.

How do I pay the rental fees?

You should usually pay in the beginning of every month. The rental fees can be paid in Euro or in Serbian dinars or any other currency according to the rental agreement.

Under which conditions can I get my deposit back?

You will get the deposit back in the end of the lease term under the following conditions: The rental fees were paid in full. All the bills were paid (always keep the receipts for those payments). There is not any damage to the apartment or the furniture or the appliances in the apartment (except normal wear)